Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gorgeous though moldy trauma kitty

Beautiful gray, long-haired kitty with emerald green eyes. Thirteen years young, has lived in basement of (formerly new) house for past four years. Severely traumatized after flying cross-country to move from one coast to the other, then immediately losing her friend The Big Kitty who got hit by a car. Has gone underground for good; smells like a grave. BONUS: Surprise perk for mold enthusiasts!

LOVES: the darkness, being alone, peeing and pooping all over cement floors and crawl spaces, me.

HATES: litterboxes, children, the East coast.

Willing to swap for old, gentle, medium-sized dog. Must be housebroken and enjoy being outside, or at least, above ground.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Swap Your Decrepit Pets Here!

Hello, people of the universe! This blog is for pet owners who want to swap their old, barfing, crapping all over, flea ridden, farting, stinky pets with others! Contact each other in the comment section below! Exchange away! Also, gross stories left in the comment section will be "published" as posts by the perpetrators of Decrepit Pet Swap!

DPS Team