Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Toby Rockwell, the Million Dollar Kittie

Toby is a sixteen year old, ginormous black and white cat- he used to be insanely fat, but now he's all bones- with hyperthyroidism, a huge tumor on his thyroid, a heart murmur and abscessed teeth which cause him to drool a lot. He loves taking his thyroid medicine in a pill pocket and is known as the "morning kittie" in that he jumps up on the kitchen table and shows great interest in your breakfast. He's really friendly and likes to have his neck- thyroid- scratched. Right now he has a bad case of fleas and I enjoy tremendously picking the black scabs off of his neck. Also, yesterday I couldn't take staring at his black with wax and dirt ears- he has big pink ears-so I cleaned them with some kleenex. He took that pretty well- just sat there and let me clean out the wax in his ears. Also, he never- in his entire life- has covered up his poo in the litter box: it just sits there until I go push some litter over it. This is not great in general, but is sort of grosser than normal right now in that he is going through a phase- and not for the first time, he killed a Gardenia plant of mine ages ago--of eating the leaves of the tomato plant in my yard which gives him horrendous diarrhea. We're talking the stinkiest- like, the whole 2000 square foot house stinks- yellow, wet balls of shit known to mankind. Anyway, if you want him, please come get him. I would like a cat that doesn't cost a fortune in thyroid meds and doesn't have chronicc diarrhea. Thanks.

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  1. I really liked this post. it as gross. I actually know this cat, and it is all true.